RAZZETTI e BOSAZZA S.r.l. represents a synthesis beetween past and present, and a perspective of a further development in the future.


Going back in time , it was 1911 when Giovanni Battista Bosazza, an engineer, started in Sardinia a long lived building enterprise that gave birth to what today is  Impresa Costruzioni Ing. G.B. Bosazza S.r.l.,, charged with many important public and private construction  works in the whole of the island territory. As an example, we may mention the works for the foundation of the city of Carbonia, and many other projects of building construction in Sassari, Cagliari, Oristano but also in Rome; and public works like the new Stadium or the Firefighters Headquarters in Cagliari, or the viaducts east of the port zone of the city.

More recently, in 1957,  Giuseppe Razzetti founded in Turin a building company later passed in the hands of his sons Piermatteo and Marco, the Impresa Razzetti Costruzioni s.a.s., renamed in 1999 Razzetti Costruzioni Generali S.r.l..


stadio santelia Ristrutturazione palazzina n1 e piazzale Caserma Gonzaga di Sassari Ministrero della Difesa 1 Ristrutturazione interni Caserma Guardia di Finanza Mura di Cagliari Ministero Infrastrutture e Trasporti Lavori di manutenzione straordinaria Caserma dei Carabiniari Zuddas a Cagliari Ministero delle Infrastrutture e Trasporti
impianto di condizionamento tribunale di cagliari Ministrero Infrastrutture e trasporti Costruzione Caserma Guardia di Finanza di Oristano Ministero Infrastrutture e Trasporti 1 Caserma Vigili del Fuoco di Cagliari Costruzione razzetti e bosazza

The company has operated in the private and public building sector, focusing its activities primarily in the Piedmont region and concerning itself not just with new building projects but also with the restoration of historic sites and the restructuring of every kind of building. It is able to satisfy the necessities of its clients, public or private, from project design to building completion, including accessory works like urbanizations.

Marco Razzetti, wishing to further extend the operating field of the company, made contact with the Pavan Brothers in Cagliari, nephews of the founder and today owners of the Impresa C. Ing. G.B. Bosazza S.r.l., with the aim of constituting a new industrial complex. In this way a new company was born:  RAZZETTI e BOSAZZA S.r.l., based in Cagliari and Turin.

In order to develop all possible activities required by the market and deliver every kind of complete product, .Razzetti e Bosazza S.r.l. has become a member of the conglomerate COSEAM ITALIA S.p.A., which is able to realise projects with high technical content and elevated costs.


Marco Razzetti, as CEO of Razzetti e Bosazza S.r.l., with the help of Andrea Pavan, Technical Director, has developed the activities of the new company, both furthering the works already undertaken by the Pavan group and starting new projects, establishing contacts with different public administration and private clients with the aim of enlarging its portfolio. The company operates both at international. and at national levels, with building projects in various Italian regions.

Given the young age of the main protagonists and the large know-how network at their disposal, the future perspectives of the company are fully optimistic, a positive counterbalance to the gray and subdued entrepreneurial environment of the last few year