Energy Efficiency

efficienza energeticaRazzetti & Bosazza has recently signed an important commercial agreement with one of the main companies in the sector of energy efficiency. Thanks to R&B’s technological and financial partners, its customers can choose from a bouquet of offers tuned to each individual requirement.
We study the energy consumption of both public and private enterprises, proposing convenient and modern solutions. Together, we have created a plan called “AD Anticipo Zero”, completely financed so that public or private clients won’t have to anticipate the costs for the substitution of their old illuminating bodies. Thanks to the savings due to the product efficiency, municipalities will be able to compensate the financial costs.   
energia verdeR&B’s can manage not just the financing phase but all project related activities (technical studies, cost estimate, installation or substitution and system integration times). The aim of the public administrations is to obtain the Titoli di Efficienza Energetica (Tee), which certify the savings due to specific interventions (e. g. energy efficiency).